Welcome to the
College of Education

Welcome to the College of Education (COE) where we focus on preparing teachers and leaders for programs serving students birth through PK-12 and adult learners. You will discover a range of nationally accredited degree and certification options administered and taught by highly regarded, experienced professionals in the College of Education.


The Arkansas Tech University College of Education is dedicated to developing successful and innovative professionals who will internalize, initiate, and sustain a commitment to impact individuals in diverse and evolving communities. 


The Arkansas Tech University College of Education prepares professionals, who will positively impact learners, systems, and communities, by providing competency- and outcomes-based undergraduate and graduate programs. 

Undergraduate level programs include:
Graduate programs leading to teacher licensure include:
Advanced studies leading to additional education licensure and/or endorsement include: 
Advanced studies in leadership leading to licensure include:
Advanced study degrees and certificates in other areas:

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or if you would like to meet with an education advisor to discuss career options.