Streaming Video Library

Starlink offers the following categories in their digital video library which are available 24/7. Each category offers several training videos:   

  • Active Classroom Strategies
  • Assessment Techniques
  • Classroom Civility
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Course/Curriculum Design
  • Critical Thinking Strategies
  • Developmental Education
  • Enriching the Online Experience
  • General Teaching Tips
  • Health Sciences
  • Institutional Effectiveness
  • Learning Style
  • Learning Theory
  • Online Course Redesign
  • Online Teaching Strategies
  • Student Services 
  • Student/Teacher Motivation
  • Wellness/Self-Improvement 

In addition to the training videos, there is also a collection of three to seven minute "Idea Videos" that offer classroom teaching tips. 

To gain access to these videos, you must create an account using your Arkansas Tech email address. Click here to create account. After creating your account and logging on, you will see a "Welcome [your name]" at the top right side, click on the "Manage Account" underneath the welcome message. This will take you to the "Members" page. Click on  "eLibrary", and then on "Archived Videos" at the bottom of the page. 

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Streaming Video Library
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