OneTech Resources

Welcome to the OneTech resource website! Here you can find answers to common questions about the portal as well as some tutorials to help you get started.

What is OneTech?
Arkansas Tech University has been transitioning to a new information system called Banner. This new system will handle the work previously done by the mainframe, such as student grades, financial aid, etc. OneTech gives students, staff, and faculty quick and seamless access to information stored in the Banner system. It will also provide access to the new email system and a few other new applications such as Group Studio and calendaring.

What is a portal?
Most people who use the internet on a regular basis have probably already used a web portal without really knowing it. If you have a "My Yahoo!" or "My MSN" account then you have used a portal. A portal is designed to give you access to a wide variety of information that is meaningful and interesting to you and usually lets you customize what you see. The main objective of the OneTech portal is to give you access to all kinds of information related to your education and experience here at Arkansas Tech University.

E-mail account changes
Arkansas Tech is also adding a new email system that is integrated with the OneTech portal. Each user will receive a new OneTech ID (see below) that will also act as your new email address. Instructions for migrating to the new email system will be outlined in the tutorials and downloads section of this website.

OneTech FAQ's
Be sure to check out the OneTech FAQ's. You can find answers to common questions about the portal. You can also ask your own questions and have them answered.

OneTech Blog
The OneTech Blog contains informal communications about the portal such as tips, hints, and other useful information about the portal. Subscribing to the OneTech blog will allow you to recieve email notifications when a new post has been added.

Why am I getting a new OneTech ID?
In the past, students were issued an eID that looked like stu12345 (more commonly referred to as your "stu number"). Faculty and staff were issued an eID that was of the format firstname.lastname (i.e. john.doe). With the coming of the Banner information system and the OneTech portal there was a need to have a new ID for each person regardless of their role at Tech. The new OneTech ID will be used to login to most, if not all of the systems on campus, including computer systems, the OneTech portal, Blackboard, and e-mail. Your OneTech ID will be your first initial combined with your last name. If you have a common last name then your ID might end in a number as well. Because your ID is changing your email address and computer login will change. For example, if your new OneTech ID is jdoe, your new e-mail address would be You would also log into campus computers using jdoe as your username.  The initial password to OneTech is your six-digit birth date followed by Atu.  For example: If the birth date is January 1, 1950, the person's beginning password will be 010150Atu.

How can I find out what my new OneTech ID is?
You can click on the "Your New OneTech ID" link in the menu on the left to find out what your new OneTech ID will be. This new OneTech ID will replace your old eID "stu" number (i.e. stu12345) for students, and your firstname.lastname ID for faculty and staff. You will use it to log into campus computers, the OneTech portal, and Blackboard. Your new OneTech ID will also be the first part of your new email address (OneTech