Undergraduate Degrees

The Communication and Journalism Department offers majors in speech (speech communication and theatre options) and in journalism. In addition, the department offers minors in journalism, speech, and theatre. Students are involved in both the theoretical and applied dimensions of human communication in these programs. Consequently, students interested in further study and those interested in immediate career opportunities are served. With faculty guidance on the proper selection of courses, students can prepare for: (1) graduate school, (2) public school teaching, (3) recreational or professional theatre, (4) print or broadcast journalism, (5) public relations, or (6) business or government employment requiring communication expertise.

Being able to speak effectively has been recognized as an indicator of the well-educated person throughout recorded history. The ancient Greeks studied the theory and practice of communication under the label of “rhetoric,” which also has taken a central role in American education since Harvard was founded in 1636. Even in today’s technologically sophisticated world, good human communication skills are vitally important for one’s personal and professional life. The study of communication in its original form, speech, or its evolved stages of print and electronic communication can prepare the student for citizenship in a democratic society, for more satisfying relationships, and for occupational success.