What the College to Career Center can do for you!

The College of Business (COB) is the only college at Arkansas Tech University (ATU) to house a College to Career Center (CCC). The CCC was created with the goal of meeting the needs of the students and that is what we strive to continually do. The CCC will assist you in you academic career as well as your professional career. The CCC will provide you with services in the following areas:

Academic Advising

The CCC works closely with you to plan your academic career. In both the fall and spring you will meet with the CCC either in a group advising session or a one-on-one session to go over the courses you have completed as well as the ones you still need to take. The CCC creates a Blackboard advising course that you will be added to. With this course, youcan interact with the CCC, register for a convenient advising session according to your major, and utilize resources for advising and registration.

The CCC will assist you in growing the skills necessary for advising and registration, which will involve teaching you the basic tools for using OneTech to look up classes and register for classes. The CCC will also aid you in shaping you class schedule and filling out your Permit to Register (PTR) form each semester. The CCC will then provide you with the contact information for your faculty advisor where you will need to set up a meeting to approve your schedule and receive your registration code.

Professional Development

The CCC will host several workshops for you to attend. These workshops will provide you with knowledge and resources to assist you in being career-ready. There will be three types of workshops available to you: The Polished Professional, Career Builder, and Freshmen Focus.

The Polished Professional and Career Builder workshops are intended to promote professional development in students. Key concepts presented at these events will consist of resume writing, cover letter writing, interviewing skills, interview attire, business etiquette, and social networking.


If you would like the CCC to review your resume and cover letter, please submit it to kharelson1@atu.edu.


The Freshmen Focus series will assist students in getting acclimated with the ATU campus as well as general policies and procedures. These sessions will focus on introducing students to OneTech and Blackboard, the course curriculum, the course catalog, and the role of the CCC and students' faculty advisors. These workshops will also teach freshmen about time management, note-taking skills, and effective study habits.

Internship Coordination

The CCC works with Career Services in promoting available internships to you. In addition, the CCC staff will develop a relationship with local and state businesses to increase the number of internship opportunities available for you.


  • Interested in an internship?
    • Research a company that you are interested in.
    • Register on WonderLink to view internship opportunities.
    • Text "COB" to 22828 to receive an email when an internship is available.
    • Visit the CCC


Career Planning & Placement

The CCC will work with you on seeking employment as well as admission into graduate school.


  • Seeking a career?
    • Register on WonderLink to view job opportunities and submit your resume.



    • Text "COB" to 22828 to receive an email when a career opportunity is available.
    • Allow the CCC to review your resume. Email kharelson1@atu.edu.