Explore. Pursue. Succeed.

The No.1 reason students attend college is to improve their career prospects. The Arkansas Tech College of Business (COB) College to Career Center (CCC) functions with that goal in mind. The tools that students will gain after working with the CCC will provide them with the polish and professionalism necessary to achieve in the business world.

Student Engagement

Explore.The objective for student engagement is to provide prospective COB students multiple opportunities to explore the benefits of a business degree from Arkansas Tech University (ATU).

Academic Advising

The CCC has created a series of academic advising training sessions in the fall as well as the spring prior to registration. In addition to the group advising sessions, individual sessions are also offered for those who could not attend or who prefer one-on-one advising. The goal of the sessions is to empower students to take ownership of planning their educational path. During the sessions, the CCC staff discusses OneTech functions, advising worksheets, permit to register forms, course curriculum, understanding the course catalog, the registration process, and the role of the CCC and students' faculty advisors.

Professional Development

Pursue. The CCC will host a series of professional development opportunities for COB students. The primary series are titled "The Polished Professional" and will focus on one aspect of producing a career-ready student. "The Polished Professional" will include workshops addressing the following topics: resume writing, interviewing (skills and attire), networking, and social media. A secondary series will center on "Career Builder" workshops.

Internship Coordination

Pursue. The CCC will expand upon the current COB internship process by utilizing faculty knowledge, research, and student interest. The CCC also looks to create internship opportunities through the development of relationships with local and statewide companies.

Career Planning & Placement

Ultimately, students Succeed to the degree that they graduate and launch their business career. Career placement completes the holistic approach that the CCC takes toward developing COB students for life after college. Assistance will be provided to students seeking employment as well as those seeking admission to graduate school. The CCC will increase potential employers' presence on campus by hosting networking events, interviews, and career fairs.

Alumni Relations

To complete the "Explore, Pursue, Succeed" progression, the CCC will better develop alumni realtions. The CCC will accomplish this with a strong communication plan, inviting alumni to contribute to the placement database with information on their job status, jobs for the database, or their information if seeking a job. With time, the CCC will cultivate development opportunities from those graduates who have tied part of their success to the CCC and the ATU COB.