Professional Image

You only get one chance to make a "good" first impression! Biased or not, the first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based, in large part, on how you look and what you are wearing.

Like it or not, most people judge or prejudge us by what they see within the first 15- 30 seconds of eye contact. The following is a "Quick Tips List" to help you make a "great" first impression.

Women's Interview Attire:
Conservative suit
Skirt or slacks
Close-toed, conservative shoes
Light, silent jewelry
Professional hairstyle (pulled out of the face)
Neutral hosiery
Light make-up, and NO perfume
Conservative nails
Leather portfolio

Dress the Part: For Women

Men's Interview Attire:
Conservative suit
Long sleeve shirt
Belt to match shoes
Conservative dress shoes
Limit jewelry to watch and a ring
Professional hairstyle
Coordinated dress socks
NO cologne/aftershave
Neatly trimmed and groomed nails
Leather portfolio

Dress the Part: For Men