Norman Career Services appreciates and values the professional partnership between you and our university. We work to provide you with tailored services to meet your recruiting needs. All services, except for the fall and spring career fairs, are free of charge.

Those employers who recruit on-campus and attend our career fairs will have a 16" X 20" framed company logo on the wall in our office. This is a valuable marketing opportunity for employers, as well as a great way for us to showcase our corporate partners.If there are any additional services we can provide to accommodate your needs, we will be happy to do so. If you have any questions, please call (479) 968-0278 or email career.services@atu.edu

As an employer, you can:
Post Jobs/Internships

Arkansas Tech University (ATU) CAREERlink is an online career management software that provides you with the opportunity to post jobs/internships and specifically search for Tech students and alumni as potential hires. Your position can be posted free of charge, allowing students and alumni to access it 24/7.

CAREERlink Instructions for Employers

If you have any questions about CAREERlink or posting a position, please call Norman Career Services at (479) 968-0278 or email career.services@atu.edu

On-Campus Interviews

Norman Career Servicesprovides employers the opportunity to interview our students and alumni in our facilities. Interviews can be held in the Doc Bryan Student Services building or Rothwell Hall.Pre-select schedules: CAREERlink makes on-campus interviews very easy to manage. You are able to log in and view resumes; as well as any additional information requested from those who have submitted resumes for your organization. You are also able to select those you wish to interview through CAREERlink and then view your interview schedule.Open schedules: This allows all students who meet your requirements to sign up on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no pre-screening and resume pre-selections are not required as part of the sign-up process.Room only schedules: This type of schedule is appropriate for employers who prefer to sign- up students at the career fair. These arrangements are also made for those employers who promote an opportunity with Norman Career Servicesand know the students they would like to interview on campus in advance.If you are interested in scheduling an on-campus interview, please call Norman Career Services at (479) 968-0278 or email career.services@atu.edu

Corporate Mixers or Information Sessions

A corporate mixer/information session can be conducted alone or in conjunction with an on-campus interview. The event can be open to a targeted audience; or only to those who have been selected to interview.The Corporate Mixer:Creates company awareness and should be held several weeks prior to the interview date. This session increases your campus presence and creates interest by providing students and alumni with more information about your company. Food and drinks are typically provided. During these sessions, you can encourage students to submit their resume through CAREERlink and schedule an interview.The Information Session:Increases interview schedules and is usually scheduled a night or two prior to your on-campus interviews. This session is used to explain your recruiting process to students and alumni who have signed up for interviews. You may also use this time to discuss general information regarding your company. This allows you to talk to students who did not submit a resume and possibly provide them with an interview time if there are slots available. You may also use this time as an opportunity to meet with your potential hires in a less formal setting.To schedule a corporate mixer or information session, please call Norman Career Services at (479) 968-0278 or email career.services@atu.edu

Career Fairs

Fall 2014 fairs will consist of the:

  • Ag Career Fair: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. in W.O. Young Ballroom.

  • Fall Career Fair: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 from 1 p.m.-4 p.m. in W.O. Young Ballroom.

  • Walmart IT Recruitment Fair: Thursday, October 29, 2015 from TBA in Doc Bryan Room 242.

Spring 2015 fairs will consist of the:

If you any questions or need additional information, please call (479) 968-0278 or email career.services@atu.edu

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