3 Kinds ofInterview Questions

Basic Interview Questions

These questions are straight forward and covergeneral information about you and your background.They may require some critical thinking, but not much story telling.This is how employers determine if you meet the objective requirements to fill the position. These questions also allow employers to get to know you better as an individual.Behavioral Interview QuestionsBehavioral based interviewingis based on discovering how an interviewee performs in a specific situation. This is the time for you to tell personal stories from your past experience in order to demonstrate your reactions to a situation.

Questions for the Interviewer

Most interviews will end with an opportunity to ask any questions you may have of the employer. These could be questions regarding the position, employer expectations, start dates, etc. The key is to have at least 4-5 questions typed out in advance so that you are prepared to ask questions when given the chance. Personal/demographic information and discussions of salary should NOTbe a part of this discussion.

Interview Sample Questions