Christina Williams

Journalism- Public Relations, May 2010


I graduated from Arkansas Tech University in May 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism emphasizing in public relations. After graduating, I knew that I wanted to pursue a master's degree in Multi-Media Journalism. Both my mother and grandmother have their master's degrees, so it was important to me to continue the tradition and pursue mine as well. In May 2012, I graduated with a Master of Arts in Multi-Media Journalism.

I began my collegiate career as a nursing major. My freshman mind thought the only way to help people was to be a nurse. As the first year went by, I realized I did not have a passion for nursing, but I still wanted to spend my life helping people. So I asked myself, "What is one thing that you really like to do?" And that one thing was writing. After visiting with Dr. Norton about becoming a journalism major, I knew it was the right path for me. However, I was still unsure about how I could help people. Throughout the next three years of undergrad, I realized that I could help people through writing. With that in mind, I pursued my master's degree and helped the Russellville Police Department develop an online presence throughout grad school.

I would definitely not have the career I have if it were not for the education I received from Arkansas Tech. My professors taught me to apply what I learned in the classroom to the real world. I am truly thankful for their contribution to my education.

Today, I work as a content marketing writer, yes a writer, for a national moving company called U-Pack in Fort Smith. The perfect job for me. After I accepted the position, I learned that I was the top candidate out of eight applicants. I have Arkansas Tech to thank for that. Not many people can say that they love what they do immediately after graduation, but I can. I love what I do. Without the education I received from Arkansas Tech, I'm not sure I would be saying that.

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