Jimmy D. Warren II

Speech Communication, December 2008Jimmy Warren

At the end of my career as a student at Arkansas Tech University, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech in December of 2008. Post-graduation I worked for Arkansas Tech as a Graduate Assistant where I remained until November of 2009. My experience and knowledge that I gained while working at Arkansas Tech prepared me to enter the workforce equipped with the skills I needed. My education and work experience were very valuable and I will carry them with me for the rest of my professional career.

As a student at Tech, I had many people who were supportive and a vital part in my success as a student and employee at the university. During my last semester, I was a Graduate Assistant and was able to work with high school students. I provided them insight into the college experience and shared my experience and knowledge. In my second position, I had the pleasure of assuming the role of Recreation Coordinator for the school. That position gave me the opportunity to work with some great people and build excellent communication skills along the way. My previous positions with the university helped me build character and a work ethic that are very valuable to anyone entering the workforce as a recent college graduate.

For many recent college graduates entering the workforce is very hard and has many challenges. I was able to take on those challenges because of the opportunities Arkansas Tech gave me. The professional relationships that I was able to build had a huge impact on my life both professionally and personally. Giving back to the community and being able to work with high school students gave me the confidence to know that I was making a difference in others lives, because of the opportunities this great university gave me. As a student it is very crucial to build relationships and make the most out of those relationships, even after you have graduated.

Once my career as a student and employee at the university was over, I was offered a full-time job at HP as a People Developer. I worked in that position for three years before being promoted to my current position as a California Higher Education Account Manager. My current job has many difficult challenges but I look back at my experiences at Arkansas Tech, and I am prepared for any challenge that comes my way. My job involves a lot of communicating and collaborating with customers and other employees. I gained tremendous experience during my time at Arkansas Tech by communicating with numerous individuals on the job. I attribute my success on my job to my education and work experience that I received while attending school there. I expect many more great things in my career, and I owe it all to the excellent education and professional development that I received from Arkansas Tech University.

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