M Sullivan

Michael Sullivan

Agriculture Business-Animal Science, December 2011

I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture Business with an emphasis in Animal Science in December 2011. While attending college, I worked as a Veterinarian Assistant in Russellville to receive on the job training in the field of my study, while also honing my people skills and hospitality for the public. While attending classes, I also participated in student organizations involved within the Agriculture Department such as the Collegiate FFA and the Agri Club so that I would have a more rounded educational experience.

I believe the most important part of college is to excel in the field of study within the classroom and apply this knowledge and sharpen this experience outside the walls of the classroom. The Agriculture Department is not just books and classrooms but friendly and practical. Each student has a working relationship with each professor and is given every opportunity to excel within the guidance of the department. The professors within the Agriculture Department are still a great resource of mine and still guide me even after my tenor as a student has passed. The Agriculture professors have a way of making the college experience knowledgeable, relatable, and most of all enjoyable.

Upon completion of my degree, I received an opportunity to work for the Cooperative Extension Service as a County Extension Agent under the University of Arkansas: Division of Agriculture. My goal is to provide non-formal education to all Arkansans on current topics in agriculture so that Arkansas can continue to be a competitive leader in the global market. I am a teacher without a classroom, a consultant to producers within my county using researched based data practiced within our Agriculture Research Stations. The Cooperative Extension Service mission is to advance the stewardship of natural resources and the environment, cultivate the improvement of agriculture and agribusiness, develop leadership skills and productive citizenship among youth and adults, enhance economic security and financial responsibility among the citizens of the state, ensure a safe, nutritious food supply, improve the quality of life in communities across Arkansas, and strengthen Arkansas families.

An Arkansas Tech graduate will have the tools to be successful in whatever field they may choose. I get the opportunity to help people solve problems and encourage community development with my job as a county agent. Being a county agent is similar to growing up on a farm, it is not just a job but a way of life.

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