Roger Norman

History & Political Science, May 2012

In 2012, I graduated from Arkansas Tech University, having obtained my Roger Normanbachelor's degree in history and political science and a religious studies minor. While attending Arkansas Tech University, I became actively involved in a variety of organizations, including the University Honors Program, the Arkansas Tech Band and Jazz Band, the Presidential Leadership Cabinet, and the Student Government Association, for which I served as the President for the 2011-2012 academic year.

After completing my undergraduate studies at Arkansas Tech University, I decided to further my education, enrolling in the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas, where I am earning my master's degree in public service.My professors and experiences at Arkansas Tech University successfully prepared me for all the challenges and great opportunities at the Clinton School. The Clinton School's curriculum is designed to help students understand  the basics behind developing effective and efficient programs to create positive social change by combating contemporary social issues. Such courses include Leadership, Decision Analysis, Communication and Conflict Transformation, and Legal and Ethical Foundations of Public Service. In addition, students are required to complete three service projects. For the first of these, three other Clinton students and I partnered with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to help with their newly established 12th Street Health and Wellness Center, in Little Rock's 12th Street Corridor.

We developed a study analyzing what health services the community wished to see offered at the center. Our group conducted a perceived health needs assessment targeting over 170 community members, and over 10 community leaders. In addition, the study included an institutional review that analyzed UAMS's effectiveness in implementing the 12th Street Corridor project. The findings were presented to the faculty of UAMS. The second project is an international public service project. For my project, I spent 10 weeks in London, England, partnering with ONE, an advocacy non-governmental organization dedicated to ending extreme poverty and preventable disease. For my project, I helped ONE evaluate their involvement in the "Enough Food for Everyone If" campaign, a partnership of over 200 NGOs in the United Kingdom, dedicated toward influencing the policy of the 2013 G8 Summit hosted in the United Kingdom. Additionally, I helped the organization develop a framework for tracing their impact on policy and social framing of policy issues. For my final project, the Capstone project, I will live in London and help ONE perform a study on developing its membership and volunteer capacity throughout the United Kingdom. Additionally, the study will potentially focus on other European markets in which the organization has a presence. This will helpfully increase civic engagement on international policy development issues.

Overall, my success at the Clinton School of Public Service can be credited to the wonderful foundation that Arkansas Tech University provided me. The dynamic academic, professional, and personal atmosphere the university provides has given me the foundation needed to achieve and succeed at the next level. Arkansas Tech University is a unique institution in that it provides a student focused learning environment, with talented professors and administrators that are able to mold and shape future leaders in a variety of fields. I will always view my time at Arkansas Tech University as a time in which I was equipped with the tools and skills to achieve whatever dreams I have.

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