Damon Mobbs

Mechanical Engineering

SearchinAlbemarleg for a job was easy but time consuming. There were several websites that post job listings. After filling out several resumes over the internet and not hearing back from them I started calling companies and speaking with them. Albemarle was one of the first companies I called because they have a plant site in my home town and they are a very successful and public friendly company. At this time they were not attending the career fairs at Arkansas Tech University so they invited me to a career day here at their plant site in Magnolia, Arkansas. The Albemarle career day was an all day event where they invited several college students from around the country and gave us a tour of their site, a tour of the town, they presented Albemarle's history, they presented their plans for the future of the company, and they presented how they are working to be efficient and environmentally friendly and a good resident of the surrounding areas. They also interviewed everyone and explained the open positions

I knew about what to expect in the 'real' world after college. Before attending Arkansas Tech I got married and worked for a well service company as a welder for four years. I decided not to intern with anyone during college and instead I spent as much time as possible taking classes. I wanted to finish as soon as possible so my wife and I could start a family and be secure. Because I was married and did not attend college straight out of high school, my college experience was different than most students. I attended as many classes as possible each semester and took as many classes as I could during the summers as well. I received two internship offers with a couple of Arkansas companies but I turned them down because my graduation date would have slipped by a year or more.

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