Wes Miller

Mechanical Engineering, December 2012

IEvergreen graduated from Arkansas Tech University in December 2012, maintaining my university scholarship the full four years, as well as receiving the Colonel Baswell Engineering Scholarship my senior year. I have been presented with many opportunities beginning my first semester of college, including exposure to the oil and gas industry, industrial chemical manufacturing, defense contractors, and the pulp and paper industry. As a sophomore, I became familiar with Evergreen Packaging through a Norman Career Services career fair. After interning for two summers, I was offered full- time employment on January 1, 2013. Evergreen supplies roughly two-thirds of the world's supply of milk cartons, and being a part of the Evergreen team has taught me many things. It is a very self-motivating environment in which you can get by performing only assigned tasks, but there is always room to help in other areas. As a Process Engineer, I have been involved in many trials to help improve and expand the company product base.

I feel that being involved in on-campus organizations, especially Greek Life, has developed my ability to work with all types of people. Working with such a variety of students in Greek Life, and realizing how everyone contributes a unique perspective, has been an invaluable lesson attributable to my experience at Arkansas Tech University.

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