justinJustin Keller

Speech Communication, May 2003

I graduated from Arkansas Tech University in 2003 and attempted graduate school at the University of Arkansas. After a couple semesters I decided it was time for me to take a break, and I started working for a transportation company in the area. The company was great, but the job was not really for me. I started working at a nonprofit psychiatric clinic in the area on my days off, and found that I really enjoyed that type of environment. I worked both jobs for several months, and then I heard about a job working in Little Rock for Pulaski County. I got that job and made my trip south.

While there I made the mistakes that come from being a first time supervisor, but I learned from them for the future. While working for Pulaski County I decided to go back and finish my Masters. I got my M.A. in Applied Communication and began working for a national environmental advocacy nonprofit, the Alliance for Climate Protection. I worked as a Field Organizer for the Repower America campaign, and within a year I was the Campaign Director for the whole State of Arkansas.

After ACP I took the position of Executive Director with the Pope & Yell County Single Parent Scholarship Fund. I worked there for a little over a year, and then took the position of Field Director with the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance and the No Kid Hungry Arkansas Campaign. I have been with the Alliance since 2012, and have loved every moment of it.

I would not be where I am today without the education I received and connections made during my time at Arkansas Tech University. I am a proud Wonderboy for life.

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