Ashlynn Hamrick

Agricultural Business - Animal Science, May 2011Ashlynn Hamrick

I graduated from Arkansas Tech University in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business and an emphasis in Animal Science.

Personally, I feel the professors at Tech are a big part of why students are successful. You have professors who care about their students, develop relationships with them and care about the material being taught. My professors were always there to help, wanted to make me succeed in my field of study and prepared me for a career. The classes at Tech are very in-depth and give you an all-around education beyond just your field of study. These classes teach students the skills needed to establish a career. Classes such as Business and Professional Speaking and Careers taught me skills I use on a daily basis.

Another contributing factor to my success at Arkansas Tech was the volleyball team. I came to Arkansas Tech University on a volleyball scholarship. Volleyball was also very important to my career. My coaching staff helped me develop time-management skills by learning how to maintain my class and sports schedule. I also gained the discipline that it takes to be a successful student athlete.

Currently, I am working as the Store Manager at Sherwin-Williams. This opportunity was presented to me through the College to Career Center in fall of 2011. Upon applying and interviewing, I accepted the position. Today, I work with people by assisting them with products they can use for either commercial use or in their own home. I am able to help run the store, make sure all daily tasks are taken care of and customers are fully satisfied with the products.

Without my experience at Arkansas Tech and the assistance in finding this position, I would have never developed the necessary skills to advance in my career.

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