Kyle Brennemann

College Student Personnel

I searched for a couple of years to find an institution where I could earn my master's degree in Student Affairs or College Student Personnel. I live and work in a rural area where institutions of higher learning offering degrees in this program were non-existent. It was necessary for me to be able to keep working my full time job while pursuing my degree. An online program was the answer for me, however, I was discouraged at the lack of programs available and the content of the few programs I found.

The institution where I am employed had a visiting accreditation team on campus several years earlier. One member of the accreditation team mentioned that his school, Arkansas Tech University, was beginning an online program in College Student Personnel. I remembered this and began to look into the program. From the first call from my advisor, I realized this was the program I had been seeking.

Having worked in Student Affairs for many years, I was a bit curious to discover if I had been performing my duties in the best possible manner. Every instructor took the time to make each online class seem as if we were sitting in a classroom on the campus of ATU. I was encouraged to learn that most of the things I had been doing in Student Affairs were correct, and was also able to offer some advice and assistance to some of my classmates who were just starting out in Student Affairs.

The instructors kept current with the latest trends in Student Affairs and required us to constantly be evaluating what we were learning as well as putting it into practice. The most enjoyable aspect of this online program was class discussion. I enjoyed learning from others what they found useful in our training.

The CSP degree has allowed me, as a Chief of Public Safety, to better understand what our college students are encountering on a daily basis and the different ways those encounters could be handled. CSP allows for a holistic approach to student development. Beginning with academics, social and spiritual learning are taking place and impact individual students in various ways.

The CSP program at ATU was a very beneficial program for me and I am happy to have chosen ATU.

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