Kayla Allison

Nursing, May 2009

allisonI graduated from Arkansas Tech in May 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Choosing my career path was an easy decision for me. I knew I wanted to serve people and I was confident that I could find a job in healthcare shortly after graduating. Deciding where to get my nursing degree, on the other hand, was a more difficult choice. I had a volleyball scholarship and I wanted to find a school that allowed me to give my full attention to being both a student and an athlete. At Arkansas Tech, my volleyball coach and my nursing professors worked together to come up with a schedule that allowed me to complete my coursework and clinicals and be available for almost every volleyball match. Without their efforts to compromise and coordinate, it would have been impossible for me to continue in both volleyball and nursing for my entire four year career at Tech.

Being involved in athletics at ATU taught me leadership, teamwork, time management and prioritizing. Together with my nursing classes and hands-on clinicals, these skills helped shape my career as a nurse.

I was able to find a job a month after graduation and worked as a staff nurse in Tulsa for two years. Today, I am a travel nurse. I begin a new job about every three months to meet staffing needs at different facilities across the country. In the last year,I've worked in North Carolina, Texas, and California. I can say with confidence that it's because of my experiences at Arkansas Tech that I've had such a successful nursing career.


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