Refund Policies

A full refund will be given on new or used textbooks until the end of the 3rd class day.

The following conditions will apply...............

Buy Back Policy
Sell your new and used textbooks for cash at the bookstore during finals week. Your textbooks will be worth up to 50% of the new book price - even if you bought them used - if the bookstore has received a request from the instructor stating your textbooks are being used for the following semester, and if your textbooks are in good condition (no water damaged books will be bought back), and if the bookstore is not overstocked. Current Market Value will be paid on current editions not used or needed for the following semester.

We buy back every day from 10:00 until 4:00.

TECH I.D. is required to sell books back.

Your receipt may be needed for loyalty programs or special promotions.

The bookstore does not guarantee the buy back of any textbooks at any time.


Rental Returns

Return your rentals by the last day of finals to avoid late or lost fees.

Return to:

Arkansas Tech Bookstore

Attn: Rental Return

209 West O Street

Russellville, AR  72801