The baccalaureate degree program in biology is designed to prepare students for a wide range of career opportunities. It also provides a solid foundation for those wanting to pursue specialization at the graduate level. Specific course requirements are outlined in the curriculum in biology which follows; whereas, more general guidelines are in the previous section. Preprofessional courses are available to meet the requirements of students wishing to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and related fields of specialization. (See pages 209 - 211 for more information). Arkansas Tech University is affiliated with the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL) at Ocean Springs, Mississippi. With prior departmental approval, Arkansas Tech University students may enroll in marine biology courses at GCRL, with the credits applied toward the biology degree at Arkansas Tech. This affiliation makes possible a concentration in marine biology.

The minor in biology is available to students who wish to add to their knowledge of this increasingly important field for personal edification or for professional purposes, but choose not to complete a major in biology. The minor in biology requires 20 hours of courses (BIOL).