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Rehabilitation Science

The Arkansas Tech Rehabilitation Program has the distinction of being the first undergraduate rehabilitation program offered by a university in Arkansas, and is the only program in the state accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education. It is one of the first eight undergraduate programs in the nation to be granted accreditation. 

The Rehabilitation Science Program is dedicated to nurturing the scholastic development, respect for diversity, ethical behavior, passion for advocacy, and professionalism of future rehabilitation practitioners. The graduates from the Program will effectively serve the needs of the community, individuals with disabilities, and other human service populations.        

In addition to preparing students for employment at the bachelor's degree level, the Rehabilitation Science curriculum also prepares students for graduate study leading to the Masters degree in fields such as Rehabilitation Counseling, Community Agency Counseling, Social Work, Gerontology, Counseling Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Vocational Evaluation, and Corrections.

As part of their studies Rehabilitation Science majors are required to complete 12 hours of course work in a primary emphasis area and 6 hours in a secondary emphasis. Emphasis areas available to the student include Aging, Child Welfare, Corrections, Social Services, and Vocational Rehabilitation. Related to the Child Welfare emphasis the Rehabilitation Science program is part of a nine university Child Welfare Partnership that works with the Division of Children and Family Services to prepare students for employment as family services workers. For more information on the Child Welfare Partnership, click here.

A unique feature of the Rehabilitation Science program is the internship-field placement option. Rehabilitation Science majors complete either a full-time one semester internship or three semesters of part-time field placements in agency settings related to their chosen emphasis areas, giving them hands on experience in the field prior to graduation.

Rehabilitation Science Faculty

Familiar Faces: Dr. Lyman Harris

Lyman B. Harris, Ph.D.
Professor & Director of Rehabilitation Science

Margaret (Marti) Wilkerson, MRC, LPC
Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Science &
Coordinator Child Welfare Partnership

Penny P. Willmering, Ph.D., CRC, LPC, FNRCA
Professor of Rehabilitation Science

Child Welfare Partnership Staff

Joy Wheeler , B.A., LSW
Research Assistant-Field Trainer

Beth Morris, MRC, ACADC, LPC
Research Assistant-Field Trainer

Kori Toth-Gray, B.A.
Research Assistant-Field Trainer

Krista Faulkner, B.S.
Research Assistant