Undergraduate Degrees


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology is basic for many employment opportunities. However, professional career options require further study through the Masters or Ph.D. level.

Rehabilitation Science
The Arkansas Tech Rehabilitation Program was the first undergraduate rehabilitation program offered by a university in Arkansas and accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education, one of only eight in the United States at the undergraduate level

The sociology curriculum is designed to prepare students for employment in a range of careers or for advanced study in sociology, law, criminology, criminal justice, counseling, or other related fields. Sociology prepares majors to deal with the constant social change that is today's world.

The Anthropology curriculum concentrates on the areas of cultural anthropology. Within this subdivision, the emphasis concerns historic and contemporary cultures (ethnography) and prehistoric cultures (archeology).

Criminal Justice
The criminal justice minor is designed to prepare students for a career in the field of criminal justice, e.g. police work, probation/parole or corrections. In addition, the criminal justice minor is provided for students whose major department requires a minor.