Auditions at ATU

Auditions for Prospective Music Majors:

If you are interesting in auditioning to be admitted as a music major, you will need to set up an audition with your primary professor as listed below. This audition will serve both as your admissions audition and your audition for a Music Performance Fellowship. Students who are interested in majoring in music, including the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Music Education, need to complete this audition. Fellowship awards for music majors are tiered based upon the quality of the audition. While it is recommended that you contact your primary professor and audition at one of the formal audition dates, these dates are not required.If the dates listed below do not work, then you may set up an individual appointment for an audition.

Early Decision Audition Date

Students may audition "early" by appointment before December 1st. Early decision fellowship offers will be made during the first week of December. Students will have 2 weeks to formally accept that offer. Early decision is best for students who know that ATU is the primary choice for college and want confirmation before the holidays. If you are interested in being considered for early admission, please contact your audition coordinator listed below.

Music Major Spring Audition Date

February 5th (Timeout for Tech)

11:30am-4pm (auditions)

Students interested in this audition date should email the audition coordinator listed below to set up a specific audition time.

Music Major Audition Coordinators