Sophomore Review Application

Sophomore Review Vocabulary Terms


The Application Process for Sophomore Review

Applications are made at a time announced by the department of art. Registration materials will be available in the art office. Read each description of the portfolio and application materials carefully. See your advisor if you have any questions.

Applicants who have completed—or are currently enrolled in—at least 12 hours of art foundation courses can participate. The core courses include ART 1303 Introduction to Drawing, ART 1403 Two-Dimensional Design, ART 2403 Color Design, and ART 2413 Three-Dimensional Design.

Be prepared to take a written vocabulary assessment. A study guide with terms will be attached to the package. The vocabulary assessment will cover basic vocabulary introduced in completed art courses. The vocabulary test must be passed before the review can be scheduled and completed.

Application materials must be completed and submitted by the due date specified in the letter you received about the review. Incomplete applications will disqualify you from the review.

Be on time to setup for and participate in the review.

Materials will need to be displayed by categories. Tabletops, easels, push pins, etc. will be available in the room where your assessment will take place.

Be prepared to discuss and present your work. Incomplete portfolio categories or missing the interview time will disqualify you from the scheduled interview for the semester and could result in postponing official enrollment in 3000-4000 level art courses.

Official enrollment in 3000-4000 level art classes is contingent upon successful completion of the sophomore review as the review is prerequisite to advanced course work.

Results from the review will be made available to your advisor after the review. You may pick up your assessments from your advisor.

Portfolio Requirements:

Work should be neatly presented. Good quality slides or photographs of oversize work may be more appropriate. (Arrange for use of slide projector ahead of time—see advisor.) Application materials should be turned in by the due date in order for faculty to have time to review prior to the assessment. Work submitted for one category cannot be used again to meet the requirements of another category.