Summer Camps and Conferences

Summer Camps and Conferences

Meal Rates for Summer 2014:

Breakfast: $4.15 Lunch: $5.15 Dinner: $6.20
  • Administrative Services will provide meal cards to be swiped and tracked through Blackboard in the Cafe. Anyone who eats in the dining hall without a meal card will be required to sign in and that camp will be charged the door rate.
  • Boxed meals will be available for lunch & dinner. All orders must be placed a week in advance. If you wish to order boxed meals, contact Administrative Services and we will provide you an order form.
  • Administrative Services is the contact between your camps food service needs and the staff at Chamber's Dining Hall. All communication must be directed to our staff


 Institutional Request Form for Camps and Conferences

Contact information:
Missy Hubbard
(479) 968-0697

Fred Clayton
(479) 498-2837