Welcome to Administrative Services webpage on Property Management. We are excited that you are here. Administrative Services is directlyresponsiblefor theannual inventory of all University equipment, tagging University and Foundation donated property, maintaining accurate inventory records, adding financial data to the property management system, and overseeing the internal transfer and the pick-up and disposal of non-utilized property.

What is Inventory?

Capital Assets: Any movable property valued at $5000.00 and above *These items will be tagged & entered into the University'sinventory database*

Non-Capital Assets: Any movable property valued between $1000.00 -$4999.00 *These items will be tagged & entered into the University's inventory database*

Assets valued under $1000.00: Any movable property valued between$0.00-$999.00. * These itemswill not be tagged or entered into the University's database. However, these items are State property and cannot be disposed of without following Arkansas Tech University's guidelines for disposal of property*