Nonresident Alien Tax Information

Nonresident Alien Tax Information


Are you a Foreign National Student, Faculty, Staff, Researcher, or Visitor to Arkansas Tech University?

Are you:

receiving an Athletic Scholarship to attend ATU?
receiving any other Scholarship to attend ATU?
planning to work on campus as a Student Worker?
working as a Graduate Assistant?
receiving any gifts or prizes from ATU?
teaching at Arkansas Tech University?
doing any type of Research and receiving compensation from Arkansas Tech University?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you may be obligated under the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service to pay Federal and/or State taxes!

It is the responsibility of the Administrative Service office to ensure that Arkansas Tech Universityis in tax compliance with the Internal Revenue Service. It is MANDATORY that you contact the Administrative Services department to determine your U.S tax obligation. Please stop by our office, email, or call to schedule an appointment.

What will you need to bring:
  1. Your current I-20
  2. Your current Passport
  3. Your current I-94
  4. Your Social Security Number, if available

Failure to provide the requested information may result in withholding of additional taxes, delay in payment of wages and compesation, or rejection of payment requests.

If you are receiving an athletic scholarship you may be subject up to 14% in taxes on non-qualified charges such as room and meals. You may be eligible for a tax exemption; however, you MUST stop by my office to make this determination!

The tax obligation for Foreign Nationals can be confusing and complicated. Our office is here to help you. We will do our very best to ease your mind, help you fill out the forms and answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.