About the Accelerated Degree Program

Offering working adults with some college credit a faster way to finish their bachelor's degree, Tech's accelerated track is the answer to improving your career. Designed for individuals with a minimum of 60 transferable credits, the courses let students enhance workplace skills such as planning, organizational behavior, ethics, needs assessment, problem solving, communications, human resources and technology applications.

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Who is the program for?

Candidates for the program

The typical student enrolling in this program is generally 25 years or older with at least five years of work experience. We have geared this unique online program to meet the needs of:

  • Students graduating from community colleges.
  • Professionals who must have a bachelor's degree for career advancement.
  • Adults pursuing full-time careers or raising their families.
  • Degree "stop-outs" who began but never completed a bachelor's degree.
  • Individuals who have accumulated hours that cannot be applied toward a specific major.
What degree will I earn?

Earn the Bachelor of Professional Studies degree from Arkansas Tech University.

The Accelerated Degree Program lets you earn the Bachelor of Professional Studies degree so you can advance in your current position or qualify for a new career.


The Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree offers six major areas of study. Equivalencies for selected courses in these areas may be considered as the student works with an advisor to develop an individual
plan of study.


Concentration areas include:

  • Agricultural Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Information Technology
  • Public Relations
How long will it take to finish my degree?

Earn your degree faster.

Students who enter the program with 60 hours and have completed all of the general education requirements should be able to earn their degree within 18 months. A minimum of 124 hours is required for degree completion and 40 of these hours must be upper division coursework. You'll have the opportunity to receive up to 12 hours of credit for prior learning (through work, professional and military training, self-study, travel, artistic endeavors, etc.) if you can substantiate that the knowledge is college-level.

How much does it cost?

Financial Information

In short, it costs a great deal less than almost any other school. Many students who are trying to complete their degree are finding that the private and for-profit schools charge as much as $500 per credit hour. Our tuition rate is $180 per credit hour, not including fees and other charges. If you need 60 hours to finish your degree this program can save you as much as $20,000 over some of the nationally known schools.


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How many of my transfer hours will be accepted?

Get the credits you deserve.

The Accelerated Degree Program has a very liberal transfer policy. Most credit hours earned at an accredited institution will count toward your degree. An advisor will prepare an individualized curriculum guide for each student indicating relevant transfer credits and substitutions.

How will the program fit my schedule?

Take all classes from home.

All of the courses required for completion of the BPS degree through the accelerated track are offered online. That means you can earn your degree from a respected regional university with no on-campus time required.

What courses are required for the degree?

General Education coursework or enrollment in courses as needed: 37 hours


Recommended Professional Core: 28 hours
PS 3001 Portfolio Development for Prior Learning Assessment
PS 3023 Professional Communications
PS 3003 Special Problems Project
PS 4006 Capstone
PS 3133 Applied Principles of Personnel Management
COM S 1003 Intro to Computer-Based Systems
ENGL 2053 Technical Writing
SPH 2003 Public Speaking
JOUR 4033 Community Journalism
(Substitutions may be recommended by the advisor.)


Courses recommended in the Individual Plan of Study: 18 hours

Courses meeting interests/career needs of students


Prior Learning Assessment: Up to 12 hours
PS 4201-12 Prior Learning Assessment Credit


Balance of electives: Varies
Hours needed to meet 40-hour upper division requirement or balance of 124 hours


Total : 124 hours

How much credit can I get for prior learning?

Earn Upper-Division Credit for Prior Learning

The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process is one of the major advantages of the accelerated track, awarding qualified students up to 12 hours of academic credit for documented prior learning. The PLA is conducted through a portfolio process with guidance and direction from the instructor.


Download the Prior Learning Assessment Process here.

What accreditation does the program have?

Learn from Qualified Instructors

Arkansas Tech University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.