For New Faculty


1. How do I obtain my OneTech ID?
You can obtain your OneTech ID by going to and entering either your social security number or your T number in to the form provided. Your social security number will be encrypted for security.

2. How do I access my TECH email account?

You can check your Tech e-mail by going to the OneTech Portal and clicking on the Office 365 logo. Log in using your OneTech ID and password. If you have never logged into the Arkansas Tech network before, go to the Account Management System to activate your account.

3. Where do I get my Faculty I.D. made?
The Student Accounts Office issues identification cards bearing individual photographs to all faculty and students for use throughout their academic careers at TECH. The ID card permits admission to university-sponsored events and  TECH Fit.  The ID card should be carried at all times. Upon withdrawal from the University, ID cards are turned in to  Human Resources.

4. Where can I get a parking hang-tag?
The Office of Public Safety, located across from the Tomlinson Building, issues all parking hang-tags.  The cost per hang-tag is $30.00 for the academic year and must be paid in the Student Accounts Office before going to Public Safety. All faculty and students are required to have a hang-tag displayed from their rear view mirror at all times.

5. Where can I park on campus
Hang-tags are color coded to match displayed color signs and specific zones on-campus. Faculty hang tags are RED.  You may park in any authorized color zone, but not in a handicapped space (unless you have handicapped verification) or visitor space. You will be issued a citation for parking in these spaces.  View the current TECH parking Information.