PHSC3213: Science Education in the Elementary School
Cross-listed: BIOL 3213

Prerequisites: Junior standing, ECED 2001, ECED 2002, and at least six credit hours in science.

An overview of the most recent and research-based strategies and techniques for planning, teaching, and assessing elementary science. Inquiry-based methods and other constructivist approaches as described in the National Science Education Standards will be emphasized. Design and execution of learning activities for an elementary school setting are required.

Note: To enroll in an internet section (TC1 or AT1) of this course, one of these prerequisite courses is required: COMS 1003, EDMD 3013, or equivalent.

Lecture two hours, laboratory two hours; three credit hours. $20 laboratory fee (Fee is not charged for online sections).


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This course is currently not offered for this term.