Subj Number Course Title
MATH 0903 Beginning and Intermediate Algebra
MATH 1003 College Mathematics
MATH 1113 College Algebra
MATH 1203 Plane Trigonometry
MATH 1914 Precalculus
MATH 2033 Mathematical Concepts I
MATH 2043 Mathematical Concepts II
MATH 2163 Introduction to Statistical Methods
MATH 2223 Quantitative Business Analysis
MATH 2243 Calculus for Business and Economics
MATH 2703 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 2914 Calculus I
MATH 2924 Calculus II
MATH 2934 Calculus III
MATH 3003 Foundations of Number Systems
MATH 3033 Methods of Teaching Elementary Mathematics
MATH 3123 College Geometry
MATH 3153 Applied Statistics I
MATH 3173 Math Methods for Engineers
MATH 3203 Introduction to Analysis
MATH 3243 Differential Equations I
MATH 4003 Linear Algebra I
MATH 4033 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 4103 Linear Algebra II
MATH 4113 History of Mathematics
MATH 4123 Mathematical Modeling
MATH 4153 Applied Statistics II
MATH 4173 Advanced Biostatistics
MATH 4203 Advanced Logic
MATH 4243 Differential Equations II
MATH 4263 Mathematical Statistics
MATH 4273 Complex Variables
MATH 4343 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
MATH 4703 Special Methods in Mathematics
MATH 4772 Mathematics Teaching Practicum
MATH 4951 Undergraduate Research in Mathematics
MATH 4952 Undergraduate Research in Mathematics
MATH 4953 Undergraduate Research in Mathematics
MATH 4954 Undergraduate Research in Mathematics
MATH 4971 Mathematics Senior Seminar
MATH 4991 Special Problems in Mathematics
MATH 4992 Special Problems in Mathematics
MATH 4993 Special Problems in Mathematics
MATH 4994 Special Problems in Mathematics
MATH 5103 Linear Algebra II
MATH 5153 Applied Statistics II
MATH 5173 Advanced Biostatistics
MATH 5243 Differential Equations II
MATH 5273 Complex Variables
MATH 5343 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
MATH 6213 Methods in Teaching Middle School Mathematics
MATH 6323 Methods in Teaching Secondary Mathematics
MATH 6881 Workshop
MATH 6882 Workshop
MATH 6883 Workshop
MATH 6891 Independent Study
MATH 6892 Independent Study
MATH 6893 Independent Study
MATH 6894 Independent Study
MATH 6991 Project or Thesis Research Continuation


MATH3153: Applied Statistics I
Prerequisite: MATH 2924

A balanced approach emphasizing both theory and applications will be taken. Topics include descriptive statistics, exploratory data analysis, probability and probability models, discrete and continuous random variables, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and control charts. Students will be required to collect data, use a current statistical software package to analyze the data, and make inferences based upon the data analysis as part of an individual and/ or group project.

Note: A grade of C or better must be earned in the course used to satisfy the general education mathematics requirement.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.