CUL2943: Introduction to Baking & Pastry
Prerequisite: CHEM 1113 and CHEM 1111

This course introduces basic methods used in baking and pastry. Methods introduced include, creaming, thickening for custards, pre-cooked, foaming, cut-in/rubbing, straight dough, blending and lamination. This course will focus on the range of baking ingredients in original, modified, and prepared forms as well as the theory and operation of large and small equipment used in bakeries and pastry shops. Through preparing, tasting and testing, students will learn to identify and select quality grains, dairy products, baking spices, flours, chocolates, fats, and oils used in baking.

Lecture 1 hour, lab 3 hour minimum. $100 lab fee required. Additional costs: professional uniforms and knives are required and are to be considered additional out-of-pocket expenses to the student.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.