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RDNG 3003: Teaching Literacy Foundations

This course focuses on reading methods and specific techniques appropriate for emergent readers and developmental readers in the elementary grades, K-6. The focus will be teaching all children to read independently including struggling readers and ESL students.

RDNG 3163: Integrated Language Arts

Integrating language arts creates linguistic opportunities where literacy skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) can be used together for real purposes and real audiences. Students in this course will explore, evaluate, create and apply a variety of integrated literacy strategies and activities, which will enhance their own as well as their future student's cognitive (critical thinking skills) and metacognitive (thinking about thinking) language art skills.

RDNG 4003: Literacy Assessment and Intervention

This course prepares teacher candidates to examine, assess and diagnose literacy development for the purpose of instructional planning and interventions. Teacher candidates will determine the nature of a reading problem by assessing the following components of a comprehensive literacy program: Phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Candidates will investigate and practice applying a variety of methods and tools for diagnosing and assessing literacy problems using both formal and informal assessments. Data from the assessments will be used to analyze and evaluate results for instructional planning appropriate for struggling readers and writers with intervention strategies, activities, and technology that will monitor progress and increase literacy skills. A practicum will be required as part of the course of study in which students will assess, diagnose and teach students with reading and writing difficulties.

RDNG 4013: Child and Adolescent Literature

A study of issues and trends in literature for children/adolescents and its current practices in teaching literacy and other curricular practices.

RDNG 4023: Disciplinary Reading and Writing

Disciplinary literacy focuses on literacy skills in the content areas emphasizing the knowledge, skills and strategies unique to the various content areas focusing on the unique ways of thinking, knowing, and doing and the characteristic unique to the various disciplines (math, social studies, science, etc).