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Hospitality Administration Course Descriptions

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HA 1043: Introduction to Hospitality Management

The history and development of the hospitality industry which comprises food, lodging, and tourism management, an introduction to management principles and concepts used in the service industry, and career opportunities in the field.

HA 2023: Hospitality Supervision and Leadership

Cross-listed: CUL 2023

This course provides comprehensive coverage of the principles, theories, human-relations techniques, leadership styles, and decision-making skills that are required to manage a team to profitable results in the food service and lodging industries.

HA 2043: Front Office Management

A survey of the lodging industry to include its history, growth and development, and future direction. Emphasis on front office procedures and interpersonal dynamics from reservations through the night audit.

HA 2053: Work Experience

Cross-listed: CUL 2053

Prerequisites: HA/CUL major or HA minor; sophomore standing or permission of instructor.

Placement in selected hospitality settings as a student worker under professional guidance of both agency and faculty. Students are given the opportunity to take part in meaningful work experiences in actual work situations and managerial observation.

Minimum of 200 clock hours of work experience.

HA 2063: Guest Service Management

Cross-listed: CUL 2063

The analysis and development of guest services management skills including leadership behavior, motivation, communication, training, staffing, etiquette, and professional service.

Lecture two hours, lab minimum of four hours depending on the special event requirements.

Note: $200 lab fee which helps to cover your meal costs.

HA 2133: Introduction to Travel and Tourism

Cross-listed: RP 2133

The introduction to travel and tourism, its components and relationship to the recreation and hospitality industry. The course will explore the current and future trends in travel and tourism and the effects on the economy, as well as the social and political impacts of travel and tourism.

HA 2813: Basic Human Nutrition in Hospitality Administration

Cross-listed: CUL 2813

Study of the relationship between nutrition and health as a basis for food choices of all ages; the application of nutrient functions in human life processes and cycles; how balanced eating promotes healthy lifestyles. Current concepts and controversies are highlighted.

HA 3143: Executive Housekeeping

Prerequisite: HA 2043

This course evaluates the role of housekeeping, the planning and organization of various organizing tasks, and the importance of maintaining and training quality housekeeping staff. This course will evaluate managing inventories, controlling expenses and monitoring safety and security functions.

This class is 3 hours lecture and additionally will require students to have a minimum of 15 contact hours throughout the semester under supervision in a hotel housekeeping environment.

HA 4001: Internship Preparation

Cross-listed: RP 4001

Prerequisites: PRHA major, senior standing, and completion of RP 3043 or HA 2053 or permission of department head.

Preparation for the internship experience. This course is graded Pass/Fail.

HA 4023: Hospitality Facilities Management and Design

Prerequisites: Junior standing plus nine hours of HA courses or by permission.

The fundamental principles of facilities planning, facilities management, and maintenance for all segments of the hospitality industry. Application principles in the preparation of a typical layout and design.

HA 4033: Legal Aspects of Hospitality Administration

Prerequisites: Senior standing or permission of instructor.

Examination of the laws regulating the hospitality industry. Development of an appreciation of the interrelationship between the law and the hospitality industry. Exploration of how legal principles apply in the global environment of the hospitality industry.

HA 4053: Meetings and Conventions Management

Prerequisites: Junior standing plus nine hours of HA courses or by permission.

Planning and managing meetings and conventions in the hospitality industry.

HA 4063: Beverage Management

Prerequisites: 21 years of age, HA major or permission of the instructor.

Selection, storage, and service of beverages with emphasis on controls, merchandising, pricing, history, social and legal concerns. Successful completion of standardized exam results in Serv Safe Alcohol certification from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

Lecture two hours, lab two hours. $100 Lab fee required.

HA 4073: Hospitality Financial Analysis

Prerequisites: ACCT 2003 and 2013

Accounting principles and procedures for the Hospitality Industry as an aid in management planning, decision making and control, financial statements, statement analysis, flow of funds, cash analysis, accounting concepts, cost accounting budgets, capital expenditures, and pricing decisions.

HA 4093: Resort Management

Cross-listed: RP 4093

Prerequisites: Junior standing and nine hours of RP or HA courses or by permission.

An in-depth study of resorts with respect to their planning, development, organization, management, marketing, visitor characteristics, and environmental consequences.

HA 4116: Internship

Prerequisites: Hospitality Administration major; senior standing; current certifications in CPR; Standard and Advanced First Aid; consent of department head and completion of all other courses applicable to degree.

Placement in selected agency settings as a student intern under professional guidance of both agency supervisor and faculty. Emphasis will be placed on application of classroom theory to agency requirements which fulfill student's individual career interest. No prior experience credit will be granted. Minimum of 400 clock hours during a minimum of 10 weeks of supervised internship is required. Student cannot document more than 40 hours of work experience per week. A written report is required within one week of internship completion.

$100 supervisor travel fee required.

HA 4203: Hospitality Operational Problem Solving

Prerequisites: Senior standing, MGMT 3003

Solving practical hospitality and tourism management problems through planning, establishment of policy, analysis and application of qualitative and/or quantitative methods.

HA 4243: Advanced Lodging Operations Management

Prerequisites: HA 3143 and HA 4113

An in-depth study of hotel and lodging operations management. The analysis of competitive strategies, leadership styles, teamwork, technology and creativity in the hotel and lodging industry.

$50 course fee.

HA 4951,4952,4953,4954: Undergraduate Research in Hospitality Administration

Offered: On demand

Prerequisite: Departmental approval

Advanced students carry out independent research activity relating to a significant problem in a major field of study. Supervised by faculty member. Formal report and presentation required. One to four credits depending on problem selected and effort made.

HA 4991,4992,4993: Special Problems and Topics

Offered: On demand

Investigative studies and special problems and topics related to hospitality administration.