GEOL4006: Field Geology
Offered: Each summer by arrangement

Prerequisites: GEOL 1014, GEOL 2024, GEOL 3004, GEOL 3014, GEOL 3023, GEOL 3124, and GEOL 3164

A six week summer course of instruction in the use of geologic mapping instruments, interpretation of aerial photographs and their use in the construction of geologic maps, development of techniques necessary in geological field work, recognition and interpretation of geologic phenomena, and potentially in environmental evaluation. The course is offered through arrangements with various universities. Students have the option of picking the field camp that best meets their interest from a list of pre-approved camps.

Note: Field camp expenses will vary, but the average cost for room/board and tuition is $3,000.

$20 laboratory fee.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.