Subj Number Course Title
PSY 2003 General Psychology
PSY 2023 Consumer Psychology
PSY 2033 Psychology of Adjustment
PSY 2053 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
PSY 2063 Research Design for the Behavioral Sciences
PSY 2074 Experimental Psychology
PSY 2093 Human Sexuality
PSY 2133 Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSY 3003 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 3013 Psychosocial Aspects of Death and Dying
PSY 3033 The Criminal Mind
PSY 3053 Physiological Psychology
PSY 3063 Developmental Psychology I
PSY 3073 Psychology of Learning
PSY 3083 Psychology of Women
PSY 3093 Industrial Psychology
PSY 3133 Self and Society
PSY 3141 Seminar in Psychology
PSY 3142 Seminar in Psychology
PSY 3143 Seminar in Psychology
PSY 3144 Seminar in Psychology
PSY 3153 Theories of Personality
PSY 3163 Developmental Psychology II
PSY 3173 Psychology of Consciousness
PSY 3184 Animal Behavior
PSY 3813 Lifespan Development
PSY 4003 Advanced Research Method and Lab for Psychology
PSY 4013 History of Psychology
PSY 4033 Psychological Tests and Measurements
PSY 4043 Social Psychology
PSY 4053 Psychology of Perception
PSY 4073 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 4133 Psychopharmacology
PSY 4951 Undergraduate Research in Psychology
PSY 4952 Undergraduate Research in Psychology
PSY 4953 Undergraduate Research in Psychology
PSY 4954 Undergraduate Research in Psychology
PSY 4991 Special Problems in Psychology
PSY 4992 Special Problems in Psychology
PSY 4993 Special Problems in Psychology
PSY 4994 Special Problems in Psychology
PSY 5013 History of Psychology
PSY 5033 Psychological Tests and Measurements
PSY 5043 Social Psychology
PSY 5053 Psychology of Perception
PSY 5073 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 6003 Advanced Principles of Psychology I
PSY 6013 Advanced Statistics
PSY 6023 Research Design
PSY 6033 Personality Testing
PSY 6043 Psychopathology
PSY 6053 Advanced Development Psychology
PSY 6063 Advanced Physiological Psychology
PSY 6073 Personality Dynamics and Theories
PSY 6083 Seminar in Psychology
PSY 6091 Advanced Field Placement
PSY 6092 Advanced Field Placement
PSY 6093 Advanced Field Placement
PSY 6103 Advanced Principles of Psychology II
PSY 6891 Independent Study
PSY 6892 Independent Study
PSY 6893 Independent Study
PSY 6894 Independent Study
PSY 6991 Project or Thesis Research Continuation
PSY 6993 Thesis Research
PSY 6994 Thesis Research
PSY 6995 Thesis Research
PSY 6996 Thesis Research


PSY3184: Animal Behavior
Cross-listed: BIOL 3184

Prerequisite: sophomore standing in biology or psychology, or approval of instructor.

An introductory course in animal behavior covering behavioral responses in primitive and advanced animals exposed to a wide range of environmental and social conditions. Laboratory exercises will include field as well as in-lab exercises and will focus on observational techniques and analyses of behavioral patterns in vertebrates and invertebrates.

Lecture three hours, laboratory two hours. $20 laboratory fee.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.