PHSC1004: Principles of Environmental Science
Cross-listed: BIOL 1004

This course is designed to bring the student to a basic but informed awareness of and responsible behavior toward our environment and the role of the human race therein. The content will include a study of the philosophical and scientific basis for the study of ecosystems and the environment, the nature of ecosystems, the techniques used to study the environment, the origin and development of current environmental problems, the interdisciplinary nature of environmental studies, the processes of critical thinking and problem solving, and the moral and ethical implications of environmentally-mandated decisions.

Lecture three hours, laboratory three hours. $20 laboratory fee.


CRN Section # # Seats Days Time Date Building Room
21219 001 24
MWF 1100-1150 12-JAN-15 / 05-MAY-15 MCE 172
W 1300-1450 12-JAN-15 / 05-MAY-15 MCE 131
21222 002 24
MWF 1100-1150 12-JAN-15 / 05-MAY-15 MCE 172
R 1300-1450 12-JAN-15 / 24-APR-15 MCE 131