Subj Number Course Title
RS 2003 Introduction to Rehabilitation Services
RS 3004 Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability
RS 3013 The World of Work
RS 3023 Principles and Techniques of Rehabilitation Services
RS 3033 Introduction to Vocational Rehabilitation and the Vocational Rehabilitation Process
RS 3043 Introduction to Social Services and the Social Service Case Process
RS 3073 Organization and Structure in the Rehabilitation-Human Services Setting
RS 3083 Supported Employment and Special Populations
RS 3093 Rehabilitation Programming and the Elderly
RS 3123 Ethics in Human Services
RS 3133 Multicultural Issues in Human Services
RS 3141 Rehabilitation Science Seminar
RS 3142 Rehabilitation Science Seminar
RS 3143 Rehabilitation Science Seminar
RS 3153 Assistive Technology in Rehabilitation Settings
RS 3163 Addictions Assessment, Planning, and Treatment Strategies
RS 3173 Addictions and the Family
RS 3243 Social Services for Individuals and Families
RS 4012 Internship in Rehabilitation Services
RS 4024 Field Placement in Rehabilitation Science
RS 4034 Field Placement Related to Vocational Rehabilitation
RS 4044 Field Placement Related to Aging
RS 4054 Field Placement Related to Corrections
RS 4064 Field Placement Related to Social Services
RS 4074 Field Placement for Psychology and Sociology Majors
RS 4084 Field Placement Related to Child Welfare Services
RS 4094 Rehabilitation Science Field Placement in Addictions
RS 4123 Survey of Counseling Theories
RS 4133 Seminar in Severe Disabilities
RS 4143 Rehabilitation of the Developmentally Disabled
RS 4163 Substance Abuse
RS 4173 Family Centered Services
RS 4183 Family Services Seminar
RS 4951 Undergraduate Research in Rehabilitation Science
RS 4952 Undergraduate Research in Rehabilitation Science
RS 4953 Undergraduate Research in Rehabilitation Science
RS 4954 Undergraduate Research in Rehabilitation Science
RS 4991 Special Problems in Rehabilitation Science
RS 4992 Special Problems in Rehabilitation Science
RS 4993 Special Problems in Rehabilitation Science
RS 4994 Special Problems in Rehabilitation Science


RS4012: Internship in Rehabilitation Services
(Twelve hour course)

Prerequisites: RS 2003, grade of C or higher in RS 3023, rehab major, senior standing, 2.00 cumulative grade point average, and consent of the instructor.

A full-time, one semester supervised internship in a rehabilitation or social services setting, either public or private. Emphasis will be placed on the student acquiring first-hand experience and entry level skills in practitioner roles such as case management, interviewing and counseling, and coordination of client services among the various community helping services.

Note: The purchase of professional liability insurance is required.


CRN Section # # Seats Days Time Date Building Room

This course is currently not offered for this term.