Subj Number Course Title
MCEG 1002 Engineering Graphics
MCEG 1012 Introduction to Engineering
MCEG 2013 Statics
MCEG 2023 Engineering Materials
MCEG 2033 Dynamics
MCEG 2203 Computational Methods in Engineering
MCEG 3003 Engineering Modeling and Design
MCEG 3013 Mechanics of Materials
MCEG 3023 Manufacturing Processes
MCEG 3313 Thermodynamics I
MCEG 3333 Alternative Energy Systems
MCEG 3403 Machine Dynamics
MCEG 3413 Fundamentals of Mechanical Design
MCEG 3442 Mechanical Laboratory I
MCEG 3503 Basic Nuclear Engineering
MCEG 3512 Radiation Detection Laboratory
MCEG 3523 Radiation Health Physics
MCEG 3991 Special Problems in Engineering
MCEG 3992 Special Problems in Engineering
MCEG 3993 Special Problems in Engineering
MCEG 3994 Special Problems in Engineering
MCEG 4042 Metallurgy Laboratory
MCEG 4043 Physical Metallurgy
MCEG 4053 Corrosion Principles
MCEG 4202 Engineering Design
MCEG 4323 Power Plant Systems
MCEG 4332 Thermal Systems Laboratory
MCEG 4343 Internal Combustion Engines
MCEG 4403 Mechanics of Fluids and Hydraulics
MCEG 4413 Finite Element Analysis
MCEG 4423 Machine Component Design
MCEG 4433 Thermodynamics II
MCEG 4442 Mechanical Laboratory II
MCEG 4443 Heat Transfer
MCEG 4453 Energy Management
MCEG 4463 Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Design
MCEG 4473 Mechanical Vibrations
MCEG 4493 Mechanical Design Project
MCEG 4503 Nuclear Power Plants I
MCEG 4991 Special Problems in Engineering
MCEG 4992 Special Problems in Engineering
MCEG 4993 Special Problems in Engineering
MCEG 4994 Special Problems in Engineering
MCEG 5043 Physical Metallurgy
MCEG 5053 Corrosion Principles
MCEG 5323 Power Plant Systems
MCEG 5343 Internal Combustion Engines
MCEG 5413 Finite Element Analysis
MCEG 5453 Energy Management
MCEG 5463 Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Design
MCEG 5473 Mechanical Vibrations
MCEG 5503 Nuclear Power Plants I
MCEG 5993 Special Problems in Engineering I
MCEG 6013 Continuum Mechanics
MCEG 6023 Elasticity
MCEG 6323 Energy Systems
MCEG 6443 Advanced Heat Transfer
MCEG 6503 Reactor Physics
MCEG 6513 Radiation Measurement
MCEG 6523 Nuclear Materials
MCEG 6533 Radiation Interactions and Shielding
MCEG 6881 Special Topics in Engineering
MCEG 6882 Workshop
MCEG 6883 Workshop
MCEG 6891 Independent Study
MCEG 6892 Independent Study
MCEG 6893 Independent Study
MCEG 6894 Independent Study
MCEG 6895 Independent Study
MCEG 6896 Independent Study


MCEG4202: Engineering Design
Cross-listed: ELEG 4202

Prerequisites: MCEG major, senior standing and MCEG 3413.

This course serves as the first part of a two course sequence in which the student completes a senior design project. Design methodologies and tools including real world design considerations such as environmental impact, engineering ethics, economics, safety, product costing and liability are introduced. Design for manufacture, project management, scheduling and proposal writing will be covered. Successful completion of this course shall require completion of a proposal for a senior design project being accepted by the faculty design project review process.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.