Subj Number Course Title
HIST 1503 World Civilization I
HIST 1513 World Civilization II
HIST 1543 Honors World Civilizations I
HIST 1903 Survey of American History
HIST 2003 United States History I
HIST 2013 United States History
HIST 2043 Honors U.S. History I
HIST 2153 Introduction to Arkansas History
HIST 2203 Introduction to Public History
HIST 2513 Sources and Methods in History
HIST 3013 Colonial America
HIST 3023 The Era of the American Revolution
HIST 3033 The Early American Republic
HIST 3043 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 3063 The Gilded Age/Progressive Era, 1877-1914
HIST 3073 The United States: 1914-1945
HIST 3083 The United States: 1945-Present
HIST 3103 The Old South
HIST 3123 The New South
HIST 3223 Local and Oral History
HIST 3243 Archive and Manuscript Management
HIST 3281 Grant Writing for Historians
HIST 3283 Historical Editing
HIST 3291 Practicum in Public History
HIST 3313 Colonial Latin America
HIST 3323 Modern Latin America
HIST 3413 History of Classical Greece and Rome
HIST 3423 History of the Middle Ages, 300-1300
HIST 3433 The Renaissance and European Expansion, 1300-1550
HIST 3443 The Reformation and Early Modern Europe, 1500-1688
HIST 3463 The Enlightenment, French Revolution, and Napoleonic Eras
HIST 3483 Reaction and Reform, 1815-1871
HIST 3493 The Age of Empire, 1871-1919
HIST 3503 Europe between the Wars, 1919-1939
HIST 3513 Europe Since 1939
HIST 3533 History of Russia
HIST 3563 History of England
HIST 3573 History of Eastern Europe
HIST 3603 History of Modern East Asia
HIST 3613 History of Japan
HIST 3623 History of India
HIST 3633 History of China
HIST 3703 History of Modern Africa
HIST 3803 History of the Middle East
HIST 4013 American Military History
HIST 4023 Vietnam War
HIST 4033 The Frontier in American History
HIST 4053 U.S. Business History
HIST 4073 American Diplomatic History, 1776-1912
HIST 4083 American Diplomatic History, 1912 to the Present
HIST 4093 American Culture Since 1800
HIST 4103 American Political Ideas
HIST 4123 African American History
HIST 4133 Latinos in the United States
HIST 4143 Native American History
HIST 4153 History of Arkansas
HIST 4163 American History through Film
HIST 4173 History of American Disasters
HIST 4183 American Legal History
HIST 4193 American Labor History
HIST 4203 Women in American History
HIST 4213 Southern Women's History
HIST 4223 American Philosophy
HIST 4293 Historic Preservation
HIST 4403 Interpretation/Education through Museum Methods
HIST 4483 History of Capitalism
HIST 4503 History of Christianity
HIST 4513 History of Science
HIST 4714 Social Studies Methods for Secondary Teachers
HIST 4813 World War II
HIST 4823 Nationalism
HIST 4951 Undergraduate Research in History
HIST 4952 Undergraduate Research in History
HIST 4953 Undergraduate Research in History
HIST 4954 Undergraduate Research in History
HIST 4963 Senior Seminar
HIST 4971 Internship
HIST 4972 Internship
HIST 4973 Internship
HIST 4974 Internship
HIST 4975 Internship
HIST 4976 Internship
HIST 4983 History Seminar
HIST 4991 Special Problems in History
HIST 4992 Special Problems in History
HIST 4993 Special Problems in History
HIST 4994 Special Problems in History
HIST 5023 Vietnam War
HIST 5153 History of Arkansas
HIST 5183 American Legal History
HIST 5203 Women in American History
HIST 5223 American Philosophy
HIST 5403 Interpretation/Education through Museum Methods
HIST 5503 History of Christianity
HIST 5983 Social Science Seminar
HIST 6003 Historical Methods
HIST 6013 Research Seminar in United States History
HIST 6033 Readings in United States History
HIST 6053 Historiography
HIST 6403 Applied Public History
HIST 6413 Research Seminar in Modern European History
HIST 6433 Readings in Modern European History
HIST 6533 Research Seminar in World History
HIST 6543 Readings in World History
HIST 6883 Workshop
HIST 6891 Independent Study
HIST 6892 Independent Study
HIST 6893 Independent Study
HIST 6894 Independent Study
HIST 6991 Thesis Research
HIST 6992 Thesis Research
HIST 6993 Thesis Research
HIST 6994 Thesis Research
HIST 6995 Thesis Research
HIST 6996 Thesis Research


HIST4163: American History through Film
This course examines 20th century American history through the study of American film, and film as cultural and historical text. Subjects for analysis include the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War and Cold War culture, the 1960s, Vietnam, and the Reagan era. Emphasis will be on the uses of film as both primary and secondary source material for the study of history.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.