PHSC1074: Physical Science Inquiry
Prerequisites: A score of 19 or above on the mathematics section of the ACTE exam or the completion of MATH 0903, Intermediate Algebra, with a grade of "C" of better.

This course is designed to model physical science teaching and learning through the process of inquiry. Topics explored are Interactions and Energy, Forces, Systems, Behavior of Gases, Physical Changes, and Chemical Changes. The focus is upon the construction of knowledge regarding science content and process skills essential to the preparation of teachers of physical science in early childhood education. It is recommended for early childhood education majors seeking to fulfill undergraduate requirements in preparation for upper level science methods courses and is equivalent to 3 hours of lecture and 3 hours of laboratory experience in physical science. However, the course requires that students participate as active learners in an activity-based, cooperative learning style curriculum.

$20 laboratory fee.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.