Subj Number Course Title
SPAN 1063 Basic Spanish for Medical and Social Services
SPAN 3003 Conversation and Composition I
SPAN 3013 Conversation and Composition II
SPAN 3023 Introduction to Linguistics
SPAN 3113 Business Spanish
SPAN 3123 Spanish Civilization and Culture
SPAN 3133 Spanish-American Civilization and Culture
SPAN 3143 Study Abroad
SPAN 3163 Community Internship Experience
SPAN 3213 Advanced Grammar and Usage
SPAN 3382 Principles of Interpretation
SPAN 4003 Oral Communication
SPAN 4023 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
SPAN 4203 Short Story
SPAN 4213 Spanish Literature
SPAN 4223 Spanish-American Literature
SPAN 4283 Seminar in Spanish
SPAN 4701 Foreign Language Pedagogy
SPAN 4703 Foreign Language Teaching Methods
SPAN 4803 Spanish-Language Film
SPAN 4813 U.S. Latino/a Literature and Culture
SPAN 4951 Undergraduate Research in Spanish
SPAN 4952 Undergraduate Research in Spanish
SPAN 4953 Undergraduate Research in Spanish
SPAN 4954 Undergraduate Research in Spanish
SPAN 4991 Special Problems in Spanish
SPAN 4992 Special Problems in Spanish
SPAN 4993 Special Problems in Spanish
SPAN 5023 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
SPAN 5203 Short Story
SPAN 5213 Spanish Literature
SPAN 5223 Spanish-American Literature
SPAN 5283 Seminar in Spanish
SPAN 5803 Spanish-Language Film
SPAN 6003 Introduction to the M.A. in Spanish
SPAN 6023 Literary Theory
SPAN 6063 Spanish American Literature and Culture
SPAN 6133 Seminar in Spanish Literature
SPAN 6163 Spanish Literature and Culture
SPAN 6283 Seminar in Spanish
SPAN 6403 Advanced Spanish Grammar
SPAN 6503 History of the Spanish Language
SPAN 6701 Teaching College Spanish
SPAN 6883 Workshop
SPAN 6891 Independent Theory
SPAN 6892 Independent Theory
SPAN 6893 Independent Theory
SPAN 6894 Independent Theory
SPAN 6991 Project or Thesis Research Continuation
SPAN 6993 Thesis Research


SPAN3013: Conversation and Composition II
Prerequisite: SPAN 3003 or permission of instructor

Continuation of SPAN 3003. Further development of advanced proficiency of Spanish communication and comprehension through conversation and composition based on analysis of authentic short texts and media.

Three hours of applied course work.

Note: Advanced placement and credit by examination are available to students who have previously studied or are proficient in Spanish.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.