Subj Number Course Title
PE 1051 Volleyball
PE 1101 Folk and Square Dance
PE 1121 Social Dance
PE 1201 Orientation to Health, Physical Education, and Wellness Science
PE 1301 Beginning Ballet I
PE 1311 Beginning Ballet II
PE 1321 Intermediate Ballet I
PE 1331 Intermediate Ballet II
PE 1341 Intermediate Ballet III
PE 1361 Advanced Ballet I
PE 1401 Archery and Recreational Games
PE 1411 Badminton
PE 1431 Bowling
PE 1481 Tennis
PE 1851 Tennis and Basketball
PE 1901 Beginning Swimming
PE 1911 Intermediate Swimming
PE 1991 Racquetball
PE 2101 Methods of Teaching Team Activities
PE 2111 Methods of Teaching Individual Activities
PE 2301 Beginning Golf
PE 2513 First Aid
PE 2523 Foundations in Health and Physical Education
PE 2653 Anatomy and Physiology
PE 2861 Rhythmic Aerobic Activities
PE 2932 Lifeguard Training
PE 3051 Methods of Teaching Fitness and Wellness Concepts
PE 3101 Methods of Teaching Rhythmic and Gymnastic Movements
PE 3103 Methods of Teaching Movement Patterns and Activities for Children
PE 3413 Coaching Theory
PE 3512 Coaching Strategies: Football & Baseball
PE 3522 Coaching Strategies: Basketball & Track and Field
PE 3532 Coaching Strategies: Softball and Volleyball
PE 3573 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
PE 3583 Methods and Materials in Physical Education and Recreation for Kindergarten and Elementary Grades
PE 3603 Methods and Materials in Physical Education for Secondary Schools
PE 3661 Laboratory Experiences in Anatomy/Physiology and Kinesiology
PE 3663 Kinesiology
PE 4033 Basic Exercise Physiology
PE 4103 Principles and Methods of Adapted Physical Education
PE 4203 Methods of Teaching Adapted Physical Education in the Schools
PE 4513 Organization and Administration of Health and Physical Education
PE 4523 Measurement and Evaluation in Health and Physical Education
PE 4701 Special Methods in Health and Physical Education
PE 4991 Special Problems in Health and Physical Education
PE 4992 Special Problems in Health and Physical Education
PE 4993 Special Problems in Health and Physical Education
PE 6013 Principles of Physical Education
PE 6023 Curriculum Development in Physical Education
PE 6033 Exercise Physiology
PE 6043 Psychology of Motor Learning
PE 6053 Biomechanics
PE 6073 Exercise and Sport Behavior
PE 6083 Research Design and Statistics in Physical Education
PE 6881 Workshop
PE 6882 Workshop
PE 6883 Workshop
PE 6891 Independent Study
PE 6892 Independent Study
PE 6893 Independent Study
PE 6894 Independent Study
PE 6993 Thesis Research


PE1321: Intermediate Ballet I
These courses offer intermediate level training in ballet technique and performance for proficient dancers. It stresses the physical and mental skills necessary to make the transition to more advanced dance work. These include physical stamina, strength, flexibility, articulation, coordination, musicality, and phrasing; an understanding of basic physical concepts underlying clear and efficient movement; the capacity to assimilate new movement material; and an awareness of the center of gravity and its role in the mobilization and control of the body.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.