Prerequisite: EMTP 2211

This course is divided into two phases. Phase I students will be placed with preceptors in the field who supervise patient assessment and management skills during the student's prehospital rotation. Students will demonstrate a greater understanding of EMS systems, dispatching, and emergencies with a higher level of competency in both verbal and written documentation. Upon completion of Phase I, each student must demonstrate a level of understanding, professionalism and clinical knowledge of prehospital emergency care to be recommended by the medical director and/or clinical coordinator to enter Phase II of Paramedic Internship. Phase II students must perform patient assessment and management skills while under supervision of experienced preceptors including the ability to perform as a team leader in the prehospital setting during this phase of the program. A closer evaluation of student's character and professionalism will be emphasized. This course will be the student's final step in prehospital field evaluation.
Clinical: 6 hours.

Ozark Allied Health Fee: $168; Ozark Paramedic Fee $59.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.