SEED3552: Adolescent Development
The primary purpose of this course is to prepare teacher education candidates for classroom interaction by tracing influences of normal human development in all domains and showing how heredity and environmental factors affect the individuals' capacity to learn and function in a school environment. The teacher candidate will examine current research, concepts and issues related to normal adolescent development as well as exceptionalities that may be present. A range of cultural, social, and cognitive factors will be explored through reading, discussion, observation, literature search, interviews and case studies.


CRN Section # # Seats Days Time Date Building Room
20120 001 30
TR 1300-1350 13-JAN-14 / 06-MAY-14 CRA 216
20121 002 30
MW 1300-1350 13-JAN-14 / 06-MAY-14 CRA 216
20122 M01 0
M 1730-2030 13-JAN-14 / 06-MAY-14 CRA 216