PS3143: Applied Professional Research
Prerequisite: Successful completion of General Education math requirement.

This course provides an overview of professional research fundamentals, including instruction in applying citations and appropriate statistics in professional settings. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, different types of research, the research process, ethics in research, reference citation models, and statistical concepts.

Note: This course must be taken as a prerequisite for PS 3003 unless waived upon advisor approval.


CRN Section # # Seats Days Time Date Building Room
20755 TC1 0
- 15-JAN-14 / 11-MAR-14
21692 TC2 0
- 13-JAN-14 / 06-MAY-14
21693 TC3 0
- 13-JAN-14 / 06-MAY-14
21694 TC4 0
- 13-JAN-14 / 06-MAY-14
21695 TC5 0
- 13-JAN-14 / 06-MAY-14