Subj Number Course Title
ART 1303 Introduction to Drawing
ART 1403 Two-dimensional Design
ART 1503 Introduction to Graphic Design
ART 2103 Art History I
ART 2113 Art History II
ART 2123 Experiencing Art
ART 2213 Digital Skills for the Graphic Designer
ART 2303 Figure Drawing
ART 2403 Color Design
ART 2413 Three-dimensional Design
ART 3003 Concepts in Art Education
ART 3013 Art Education Practicum
ART 3113 Art History, American
ART 3123 Art History, Renaissance
ART 3133 Art History, American & Africa
ART 3143 Art History, Asia & Pacific
ART 3203 Typography and Layout
ART 3223 Three-dimensional Graphic Design
ART 3232 Production Techniques
ART 3243 Web Design
ART 3253 Computer Illustration
ART 3303 Drawing Studio I
ART 3403 Introduction to Opaque Painting
ART 3503 Painting Studio I
ART 3533 Watercolor Painting
ART 3603 Introduction to Ceramics
ART 3703 Sculpture Studio I
ART 3713 Sculpture Studio II
ART 3803 Introduction to Printmaking
ART 3813 Printmaking Studio I
ART 3903 Introduction to Fiber Arts
ART 4103 Art History, Modern 1789-1945
ART 4113 Art History, Art After 1945
ART 4163 Advanced Photography
ART 4231 Graphic Design Exhibition
ART 4233 Techniques for Illustration
ART 4243 Professional Portfolio Preparation for Graphic Designers
ART 4313 Drawing Studio II
ART 4323 Drawing Studio III
ART 4503 Painting Studio II
ART 4603 Ceramics Studio I
ART 4613 Ceramics Studio II
ART 4623 Animation Techniques
ART 4701 Special Methods in Art
ART 4703 Senior Project and Exhibition
ART 4723 Art History Seminar
ART 4733 Graphic Design Internship
ART 4736 Graphic Design Internship
ART 4803 Printmaking Studio II
ART 4823 Art Criticism and Aesthetics
ART 4951 Undergraduate Research in Art
ART 4952 Undergraduate Research in Art
ART 4953 Undergraduate Research in Art
ART 4954 Undergraduate Research in Art
ART 4991 Special Problems in Art
ART 4992 Special Problems in Art
ART 4993 Special Problems in Art
ART 4994 Special Problems in Art
ART 5723 Art History Seminar


ART3203: Typography and Layout
Prerequisites: ART 1503, ART 2213, and completion of Sophomore Review.

Beginning and intermediate problems in layout designs as well as the effective use of type.

$36 art fee.


CRN Section # # Seats Days Time Date Building Room

This course is currently not offered for this term.