Subj Number Course Title
JOUR 1163 Basic Photography
JOUR 1411 Print Practicum
JOUR 1421 Print Practicum
JOUR 1811 Broadcast Practicum
JOUR 1821 Broadcast Practicum
JOUR 1911 Multimedia Practicum
JOUR 1921 Multimedia Practicum
JOUR 2133 Introduction to Mass Communication
JOUR 2143 News Writing
JOUR 2153 Introduction to Telecommunication
JOUR 2163 Introduction to Multimedia
JOUR 2173 Introduction to Film
JOUR 2411 Print Practicum
JOUR 2421 Print Practicum
JOUR 2811 Broadcast Practicum
JOUR 2821 Broadcast Practicum
JOUR 2911 Multimedia Practicum
JOUR 2921 Multimedia Practicum
JOUR 3111 Editorial Conference
JOUR 3114 News Editing
JOUR 3121 Editorial Conference
JOUR 3133 Publications Management
JOUR 3143 News Reporting
JOUR 3153 Feature Writing
JOUR 3163 News Photography
JOUR 3173 Public Relations Principles
JOUR 3183 Broadcast News Writing
JOUR 3193 New Media News Gathering
JOUR 3273 Public Relations Writing
JOUR 3411 Print Practicum
JOUR 3421 Print Practicum
JOUR 3811 Broadcast Practicum
JOUR 3821 Broadcast Practicum
JOUR 3911 Multimedia Practicum
JOUR 3921 Multimedia Practicum
JOUR 4011 Practical Editing
JOUR 4012 Practical Editing
JOUR 4013 Practical Editing
JOUR 4023 Social Media
JOUR 4033 Community Journalism
JOUR 4043 Journalism Ethics
JOUR 4053 Mass Communication Seminar
JOUR 4073 Graphic Communication
JOUR 4083 Computer Mediated Communication
JOUR 4091 Internship
JOUR 4092 Internship
JOUR 4093 Internship
JOUR 4094 Internship
JOUR 4111 Editorial Conference
JOUR 4113 History of American Journalism
JOUR 4121 Editorial Conference
JOUR 4123 Laws of Communication
JOUR 4133 Television News Production
JOUR 4143 Advanced Reporting
JOUR 4153 Editorial, Column, and Review Writing
JOUR 4163 Advanced Photography
JOUR 4173 Public Relations Project
JOUR 4193 Communication Research Methods
JOUR 4243 Journalism Writing Seminar
JOUR 4411 Print Practicum
JOUR 4421 Print Practicum
JOUR 4811 Broadcast Practicum
JOUR 4821 Broadcast Practicum
JOUR 4883 Mass Communication Theory
JOUR 4911 Multimedia Practicum
JOUR 4921 Multimedia Practicum
JOUR 4951 Undergraduate Research in Journalism
JOUR 4952 Undergraduate Research in Journalism
JOUR 4953 Undergraduate Research in Journalism
JOUR 4954 Undergraduate Research in Journalism
JOUR 4991 Special Problems in Journalism
JOUR 4992 Special Problems in Journalism
JOUR 4993 Special Problems in Journalism
JOUR 4994 Special Problems in Journalism
JOUR 5023 Social Media
JOUR 5033 Community Journalism
JOUR 5043 Journalism Ethics
JOUR 5053 Mass Communication Seminar
JOUR 5083 Computer Mediated Communication
JOUR 5113 History of American Journalism
JOUR 5123 Laws of Communication
JOUR 5163 Advanced Photography
JOUR 5193 Communication Research Methods
JOUR 5243 Journalism Writing Seminar
JOUR 6013 Visual Storytelling
JOUR 6023 Video Production for New Media
JOUR 6053 Media and Society
JOUR 6133 Multi-Media Publishing
JOUR 6193 Journalistic Writing for Multi-Media
JOUR 6331 Professional Portfolio
JOUR 6332 Professional Portfolio
JOUR 6333 Professional Portfolio
JOUR 6891 Independent Study
JOUR 6892 Independent Study
JOUR 6893 Independent Study
JOUR 6894 Independent Study
JOUR 6991 Project or Thesis Research Continuation
JOUR 6996 Professional Project


JOUR4411: Print Practicum
Students will learn practical skills in the areas of writing, layout and design and photography while working an assigned number of hours each week for the student newspaper.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.