Subj Number Course Title
BIOL 1004 Principles of Environmental Science
BIOL 1011 Orientation to the Biological Sciences
BIOL 1014 Introduction to Biological Science
BIOL 1114 Principles of Biology
BIOL 2004 Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL 2014 Human Anatomy
BIOL 2022 Medical Laboratory Orientation and Instrumentation, Laboratory
BIOL 2023 Medical Laboratory Orientation and Instrumentation
BIOL 2111 Environmental Seminar
BIOL 2124 Principles of Zoology
BIOL 2134 Principles of Botany
BIOL 2144 Honors Zoology
BIOL 2881 Special Topics in Biology
BIOL 2882 Special Topics in Biology
BIOL 2883 Special Topics in Biology
BIOL 2884 Special Topics in Biology
BIOL 3004 Plant Taxonomy
BIOL 3034 Genetics
BIOL 3043 Conservation
BIOL 3054 Microbiology
BIOL 3064 Parasitology
BIOL 3074 Human Physiology
BIOL 3084 Ichthyology
BIOL 3104 Introduction to Entomology
BIOL 3111 Environmental Seminar
BIOL 3114 Principles of Ecology
BIOL 3134 Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 3144 Ornithology
BIOL 3154 Mammalogy
BIOL 3174 Physiological Ecology
BIOL 3184 Animal Behavior
BIOL 3213 Science Education in the Elementary School
BIOL 3223 Science Education in the Middle Level
BIOL 3224 Herpetology
BIOL 3233 Science Education in the Secondary School
BIOL 3252 The Nature and Context of Science
BIOL 3803 Applied Pathophysiology
BIOL 4023 Immunology
BIOL 4024 Limnology
BIOL 4033 Cell Biology
BIOL 4044 Dendrology
BIOL 4054 Vertebrate Histology
BIOL 4064 Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 4074 Molecular Genetics
BIOL 4083 Cancer Biology
BIOL 4094 Coastal Ecology
BIOL 4111 Environmental Seminar
BIOL 4112 Biology Internship
BIOL 4114 Biology Internship
BIOL 4163 Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
BIOL 4701 Special Methods in Biology
BIOL 4881 Advanced Topics in Biology
BIOL 4882 Advanced Topics in Biology
BIOL 4883 Advanced Topics in Biology
BIOL 4884 Advanced Topics in Biology
BIOL 4891 Seminar in Biology
BIOL 4951 Undergraduate Research in Biology
BIOL 4952 Undergraduate Research in Biology
BIOL 4953 Undergraduate Research in Biology
BIOL 4954 Undergraduate Research in Biology


BIOL3174: Physiological Ecology
Prerequisites: BIOL 1114, BIOL 2124, BIOL 2134 and two semesters of chemistry.

An in-depth study of plant and animal adaptations and responses to different environmental conditions. Comparative physiology of major systems, mechanisms of adaptation and adaptations to challenging habitats will be studied.

$20 laboratory fee.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.